Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Apple - MacBook

WOW! Just one word. WOW!

Dual core, glossy wide screen, mag safe, iSight, remote, to name a few. This is digital mobile nirvana. And finally a black version is available!

Price is not bad either. PC laptops on that range doesn't even compare. OS X and that kind of hardware at that price is unbeatable.

Anyone wants to buy a less than a year old 12" iBook G4 1.33ghz?

Shame on you Apple for creating such a thing of beauty and tormenting previous model owners.


Unknown said...

I lurve the black one. *drool* :P

Unknown said...

the black painted one would cost an additional arm and leg tho.

still, these are undeniably sweet and powerful mobile machines! the base stock config is considerably priced and i think apple has a hit with this one.

they timed it just before the school year starts too. lucky for students, not so lucky for us gadget loving dads. tuition muna! hehehe