Thursday, July 27, 2006

M-Commerce Thoughts

A few things on the top of my head why m-commerce has not taken off. Remember, the current local implementations rely on SMS. That means it inherits all the characteristics of SMS.

Now, my dear gentle reader, have you ever experienced:
- The text you sent did not reach the destination.
- The text you sent did reach your destination, but was delayed by more a few minutes, or even a few hours perhaps?
- You received the same SMS message more than once? But the sender sent it only once.

Now picture those scenarios on the current m-commerce platforms. What do you do if you didn't get a confirmation from your m-commerce transaction? Will you repeat the transaction? Or will you wait for the confirmation message. Now what if you received the confirmation, but the merchant in front of you didn't? Will you force the merchant to give you the goods? Force majure, the cell tower in your area goes kaput, imagine the implications on a heavily m-commerce dependent community?

Anyway, posting my thoughts here, hoping for the lazy web to summon the collective minds of similarly interested individuals. :D

- on a northbound train


Miguel said...

If there are enough handsets and network coverage to make J2ME or Series 60 apps + GPRS feasible, then you will have a more reliable, transactional platform.

nox said...

right on migs!

although it will require downloading the app to the handset. but we would have more control on reliability aspect.

at the current GPRS rates its cheaper than SMS too. we still have to motivate people to punch thru the perceived technological barrier tho.

exciting times!

btw, nice to know you are safe back home, its raining rockets on haifa of late.