Friday, August 18, 2006 re-opened for public consumtion

Oh yeah, the age of collaboration!

Google spreadsheets and writely (acquired by google) is again making the world flatter. This means anyone with internet access and a decent web browser can avail of a an online word processsing application (can load word docs) and spreadsheet app and at the same time allow for group editing/collaboration!

This is great for 3rd world countries like the Philippines, last mile access can benefit for not having the need to purchase costly and expensive word processing application. Imagine a teacher in Bicol editing a study/research together with another teacher in Mindanao or Visayas. Heck imagine NGO's on another side of the globe collaborating with research writers in the Philippines. The possibilities are endless.

Telecommuting craze is just around the bend. :D

The network is the computer.
- Sun Microsystems

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