Saturday, August 12, 2006

Overview - - Mobile phone -Sony EricssonK610i?-?

Whilst paying my bill for Globe at the SM North Cyberzone we chanced upon this sweet bugger currently offered at temptingly for extension plans. We have long been planning to get an extension since its actually more practical. Just that the offered options were not too tempting.

We asked if they have one in stock and fortunately they have one, and assured we could the unit right outright if we sign up for the extension. I couldn't wipe the grin on my lovey's face. The phone was a beauty, and not as bulky-ugly as the other current crop of 3G phones. They don't have the red one in stock tho, but it seems the cover plate can be replaced in the future.

Comparing this to my old T610 back in the day, its way wicked. Built in support for RSS feeds!, working SSL enabled pop/imap client (Gmail works nicely), 2 megapixel camera (which beats the Treo 650 camera to a pulp), Flash lite support?. Will try the Yamigo/Yahoo (IMPS) interface later. Very, very light, has bluetooth and verly usable speaker phone function.

Was itching to try the video call since our apartment seems to be covered by 3G. "Seems", since we sometimes see the 3G icon, and sometimes we don't. Hope they lower data rates tho. Something like Smarts 10/30mins or lower will do :D

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