Friday, August 25, 2006

Battery Exchange Program iBook G4 and PowerBook G4


My iBook is included in the recall. Am eligible to get a new replacement battery for my just out of warranty Bookah Wookah!

Kudos for Apple for being responsible enough. Gotta love the customer love.

Good times :D


Edwin "ka edong" said...

We were in Singapore 1 year ago during their national day.

happy birthday noc's ibook! a new battery as a "b-day gift" from iMac ;-)

Unknown said...

honga. thanks to you ka edong. this is by far the best lappy i have had.


Anonymous said...

Mine is not included in the recall. At first I was unhappy that it wasn't... But then again, I just looked at the bright side and thanked God for letting me skip the hassle of replacement.

Do tell us how the actual replacement process goes.

Unknown said...


just called up the ASP. mine daw was already reported to Apple. it would take 4-6 weeks according to her since this is a huge recall (1.8 million units).

will blog how this goes. wish me luck. :D