Sunday, July 30, 2006

G-Pass (mis) adventure

Saw the Globe G-Pass Ad yesterday on TV. So just a few minutes ago I asked the cashier at the MRT North vending station if I could buy one. Surprise, "hangang Cubao pa lang yon", the kind lady answered. I looked around and noticed that indeed this station doesn't have yet the G-pass interface.

That means G-pass usage is still limited, and that you can't enter on a G-pass enable station and alight at stations like MRT north station where the interface is not yet in-place.

Curious how the reloading of G-pass would be implemented. Via G-cash at the MRT stations? Or via OTA? Either way, if its going to on top of SMS infrastructure, its still bound to the issues I discussed before.

Cmon' Smart, (*hint*, *hint*, *hint*) you have the debit card-swipe thing, join the fun!

And before I forget, interface-wise, I still think Smart money has the edge over G-Cash. They are just not as aggressive on the innovation front.

- on a southbound train, daydreaming on a flat world m-conomy.


Anonymous said...

Temporary announcements say G-Pass is available from Ayala to Cubao and vice-versa. The entire MRT will be covered daw in a few weeks.

I tried the G-Pass at GMA-Kamuning (southbound) last night, nag-baka-sakali lang. It worked!

More On Technobiography: Globe’s G-Pass for the MRT

Sakay na! ;-)

Unknown said...


more money infused on m-conomy. :)