Thursday, August 03, 2006


Life as usual goes faster than a speeding bullet.

Was happy that Janro, who will be a two year old in a few days, can now be undertood more clearly to have a real conversation. Previously we would just do baby talk coupled with hand signs and funny facial expressions.

Rojan, growing smarter each day is loving all the online games on nick jr website. Also now has an average of 4 wpm (proper typing) according to Mavis Beacon. She can do the home row keys with ease, and she's progressing to the top and bottom rows.

Managed to figure out liferay to a non-root context. The trick is to unjar portal-ejb.jar edit (portal.ctx) to your liking, then create a new portal-ejb.jar. Next edit your web.xml root path, then modify the index.xml. That should do it. Only tested this on Resin by the way, Glassfish next.

On another news, noticed that all the G-pass interfaces on Magallanes and Kamuning MRT station having a nice red X sticker on top. Bummer, was itching to try it out a while ago.

- mobloggin' on a southbound train.

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