Friday, August 04, 2006


Janro has fever today, sad we couldn't do our nightly playtime bonding. Hopefully he gets well asap. Doctor also confirmed that like me, he also has asthma and adviced we buy a nebulizer. We bought one at Watsons at SM North after much deliberation which one (Sunrise or Omron) to get. We settled for the Omron due to its readily available parts and lifetime service warranty. We also noticed that it doesn't heat as much as the Sunrise branded one, so hopefully that translates to longer compressor life. Haven't used a nebulizer except the one at the hospitals. I grew up relying on disc based ventolin rotadisk most of the time, also since my asthma attacks isn't so often. Hoping Janro's asthma would still go away, or at least not the severe type.

Hopefully the fever goes away soon. The apartment ain't the same without my two kids running around.

Btw, he is turning two this coming August 12: "Mga Ninong at Ninang..."

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iandexter said...

Aww... Kawawa naman. My son's got cough and fever, too. Must be the weather.