Thursday, July 06, 2006 - Sony MDR-EX71SL Earphone

Frack! My good ol' SE 2-in-1 earphones just broke. Right earphone doesn't work anymore. And since its an old model, stores don't carry it anymore, sigh, that was a steal for P400 bucks. Although apparently, Norah Jones voice and other jazz type music pushes the poor thing to the limit, complains in the form of crackling noise.

And so I asked the lazy web which in-ear noise isolating earbud is best for a cheapskate like me?

And thus it answered.

This seems to be the most practical, quality, best bang for the buck, in-ear for the moment. Its also getting good reviews. The only problem is where to find it locally. Sincerely hoping that its priced closer to reality.


ozzie said...

I have the exact same earphones. I bought it 3 years ago in canada. It cost me $100 :(( i see it now on amazon for ~$20 WAAHHH!!! anyway.. really great earphones. the base is just so rich, and it totally eliminates background noises. I don't know where to get it locally, but you can always have it delivered through amazon :). Me, i'll gladly pay $100 again for it :)

Unknown said...

hi ozzie,

thanks for the recommendation. am trying to coerce friends abroad to buy one for me since its quite hard to find on locally.