Saturday, September 02, 2006

Its the Indian, not the Pana

Although, at this day and age, a better Pana can compensate for the not so skilled indian. Hehehe.

Some shots to justify to my lovey that its worth it.


Rojan Pose

Janro Look

Simply because, captured moments like these are priceless. :D


Anonymous said...

Congrats pre!!! Welcome to the dark side! Be ready for more spending. hehehe

Unknown said...


After this shot, nawala na ang dagger look ni misis sa Canon EOS 350D. Well worth it daw!

Practice lang ng practice...


jun asis said...

priceless shots. I hope I can justify buying a D-SLR. Budget is tight and I really do not need it yet and have a lot of things on my hands.

BTW, if it's not rude, can u tell the details of the purchase (price, store,warranty, what comes with it..)

also, i sent you an inquiry email.