Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hands-on with the Treo 680 - Engadget

And the new Treo 680 is out!

Oh well, still no wifi or confirmation of WiFi support. No 3G either.

In the Philippines, more and more people are getting hooked on using their 3G handsets as wireless conduit for internet access. Not surprising tho, since Smart 10pesos per 30mins 3G/GPRS is spot on (Globe, take a hint). At that rate, you would think twice subscribing to WiFi access like Airborne etc. I mean, you can get a prepaid smart sim and have prepaid internet access anywhere that there is a Smart signal. Speed is a bit sluggish if you are not on 3G (dial-up speed), since 3G doesn't cover the whole archipelago yet. When you are on 3G however and using a data cable, speed is somewhere between a dial-up and a low grade broadband connection. But you sure can't beat the convenience and the decent connection rate. +1 for Smart.

Globe is still stuck on the per kb pricing. Whilst handy and practical for instant messaging and quick email checking on your handset, quite unpractical if you plan to use it together with your lappy-tappy for in-the-middle-of-nowhere internet access.

Back on topic, the new Treo (or even the current Treo line) is a match for Smart's data rates. On the other hand, they should have at least included a WiFi (or at least a Wifi option) and 3G chip in there.

Oh well...

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