Monday, September 25, 2006

Macro fun!

Janro and I, chased a butterfly outside last saturday. 350D in hand was surprised what the kit lens and a bit of post processing can do. :D

Original Image: Colors "accurately" reproduced.

Processed image, using the "velvia film" effect by using the channel mixer in photoshop.

Next experiment is to shoot with RAW and try the picture styles in DPP.

- "yung tira ko, kit lens lang yan..." (tm)


Jun Lisondra said...

Wa-wows! nice shots. Enlist your self on picasaweb so u can post your pics online using picasa (

Good that you had your 350D too. Ako am making myself bugaw and pokpok to save for my 400D. The 10MP DSLRs are battling it hot this end of the year. Too many cameras to choose from. Not enough money to spend.

nox said...

pareng jun,

mag 350D ka na lang, spend your remaining cash for a good lens. ;-)


Junlisondra said...


tried comparing the difference HERE and your are correct.

I wanted the S31S originally but thought DSLR would be much better na. last buy ko na ito malamang.

San mo nachuva yang camera mo and how much? read somewhere here you went at Hidalgo, Quiapo?

nox said...

got mine from hidalgo, quiapo. attend ka ng opening ng renovated hidalgo st + rummage sale combo next week siguro. may mga mga models daw na may backdrop na colorful kalesa. hehe.

cheapest would be from henry's or mayers P35K brand new. if you chance by a nifty fifty prime lens (Canon 50mm 1.8 widest aperture P4K), grab it dahil hard to come by, ako di pa ako maka timing.

sana manalo ako sa lotto para makabili ng 17-55mm 2.8 IS or a 24-70 na ma L na lens. heheh. for now kit lens lang yan ang drama.