Wednesday, June 28, 2006

First night of SCJP review thoughts

It seems to be a bunch of lively and jolly folks. Kudos to the O & B team led by Charo, Calen, Ealden and Owie for organizing the review. Looking forward for the next review session.

As I have said during the initial getting to know part, its more of the curiosity that drives me to try to take an SCJP exam. Passing the exam would be an added bonus and needless to say, justify the pocket pain inducing price of the voucher (3rd world dictates that you should make every penny count). Here's to hoping I do pass, as the O & B folks were telling us that most Java developers already doing software development had statistically lower passing average than those greenhorns fresh from learning Java as a language. Emphasis on Java as a language, as opposed to Java as a developer tool. Anyway, at the end of the day, its the journey and not the destination thingy.

On the other hand, I think we took the long way back, took more or less 30 minutes to get to the Ayala MRT station. Something the treadmill back home would probably be jealous. Will try the Pasong Tamo-Magallanes route next time. Else, not only do we get to review the syntactical beauty of the Java 1.5 specs, we also get to loose a handful of pounds (baby fats) in the process.


iandexter said...

Hay, I wish I could join. My sked doesn't permit that, though, since I work in a different time zone (GMT to be exact).

Would have been nice to flex my (atrophied, to the point of oblivion) Java muscles.

Good luck on the SCJP, 'tol! :)

nox said...

Thanks pre!

Your no longer connected with PhilRice?

iandexter said...

Yep, not anymore. I'm now with a tech company here in Eastwood.

Krishna said...

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