Tuesday, May 02, 2006

lawnormscode ? Blog Archive ? Freedom to Run Means Freedom from Complexity: An Argument for Running FOSS on Windows

This is highly relevant to the Simplicity vs Complexity approach in FOSS advocacy I had been talking about for the past few weeks.

Found it via slashdot. And as the poster commented, What good is good if it cannot be used? Without "simplicity" in mind by a FOSS advocate, it could easily be construed as a hard sell by the non-technical audience.

How can you effectively advocate FOSS as freedom to run a program, if the exercise of such right excludes people who do not possess high technical knowledge or advanced skills sets?

It still boggles the mind why some people really want to start an advocacy with complexity, when there is an option to use simplicity. At the extreme, its like saying that FOSS is heaven, but to the newbies mind you are showing the gates of hell. Sigh... They don't just fracking get it.

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