Saturday, May 27, 2006

Team Building

Back from our team building session held in Antipolo's Camp Explore at Mount Puro. Really, REALLY nice place. You sleep among the trees. Our cabin was at the level of the trees and designed with lots of open spaces. Air flows freely at its spacious loft and food served was again really good!

I realized that one of the best things that team building sessions can bring is that it makes the facilitators state the obvious in a manner that all you won't get offended. Its quite different when its you or your colleague explaining the same things to you. There is often personal friction involved if say you try to mention to your co-worker the value of teamwork, or trust and all the other basic things that makes a high performing team.

The place was really awesome. Hope I can have the same haven when my life is nearing the sunset. That would be a nice place to spend your not so tender years.

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