Thursday, January 13, 2005

Palm Wireless Keyboard Mini Review

Having a palm wireless keyboard seems to inspire me to write (more like literary nonsense). I do have to set the keyboard driver to turn off after 1 minute of inactivity as it drains the battery even if the keyboard is not in use. Its powered by two triple A batteries which according to the palm site could last for about three to six months depending on usage. The layout of the keys is something that you would feel right at home if your a touch typist. The model that I have lacks the dedicated number keys on the top. The placement of the arrow keys are a bit out of place and requires a bit of practice.

With an accessory like this, a pda could really act as a laptop replacement suitable for word processing and doing emails and taking down notes. If your pda is equipped with wireless connectivity to wifi or if bundled with a phone via IR or bluetooth it becomes a highly mobile communication tool. I could also take advantage of the keyboard during those emergency ssh sessions as it makes typing at the command line an experience very similar to using a regular computer keyboard.

All in all the keyboard brings a breath of fresh air to this almost a year old clie. I have read somewhere that this keyboard is also compatible with the nokia series 60 phones and various pocket pc pda's out there, so definitely a very good gadget investment.



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