Thursday, June 09, 2005

Jon Udell: language evolution in a screencast to see in action. i still dont have any use for it yet, but seems to be another slick online tool to tame the chaotic web.


Clair said... is so fun to use because you can keep your bookmarks on the web. If you're like me, no internet at home, this is very convenient. =)

Aside from that, there are so many other kewl things that people like bookmarking on their accounts that you might find useful and helpful to your work, personal growth or it's just so funny you love it =)

I am a tagaholic ;)

nox said...

hmmnnn... thanks for the info! i'll definitely give it a spin!

Clair said...

That's great! My bookmarks are on

Or well, you could just go through and have fun! It can be quite addicting...