Monday, June 27, 2005

and last friday we discovered a notice on our mail box informing us we have something at the post office. yes the Ubuntu Hoary cd's finally arrived! so i took a cab and went to the post office at NIA road. quite secluded and the building has seen far too many summers. the post office was charging P30.00 and additional P50.00 since it was the second notice "daw". i have no idea where the first notice went. i inquired who received the first notice and they just insisted that somebody must have received it. oh well, P80.00 ain't too bad considering the Ubuntu cd's were free courtesy of the kind folks at canonical.

so after giving away the installers to friends in a futile effort of coercing them to use a non-MS alternative, i still have 5 pcs left for the x86 platform, 2 pcs for the AMD 64 and 1 for the PPC. if anyone would want a copy and you are near the SM North Edsa area or somewhere near makati let me know.

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Anonymous said...

One thing very nice about QCPO is they don't tax CD's or books unlike the Makati Post Office. That's just another of those big disadvantages of living in Makati.