Monday, February 20, 2006

A year/months ago, we complained to Globe about incorrect WAP over GPRS charging (using a prepaid sim). Sometime reaching as high as 30-40 pesos per transaction! At some point in time they corrected the error and promised to refund the incorrectc harges. Now we are reviving our WAP application.

Hot damn! I really need a GPRS counter.

Some statistics:

2 wap cards cost 58 centavos
3 wap cards cost 96 centavos

Each card not more than 1k. Following the 15 centavos per kb charging I really was expecting not more than 50 for the 3 wap cards. The average size for our wap application. Of course I failed to count the necessary? headers. Its not exactly divisible by 15, so am also wondering how exactly do they count the traffic? or is VAT computed?

Wonder if a mobile WAP browser application with traffic statistics exist?

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