Monday, January 23, 2006 Taking RSS Beyond Headlines : Part One

A cool list of alternative uses for RSS feeds. Got it via feed.

If I have time, it would be nice to develop/add the things below to the list:

1. Social Network Aware (or appended to those dating services): fertility cycle feed. Where women could publish their menstrual cycle. Imagine the possibilities. Napkin makers would love this.

2. MRT stored value ticket availability feed. Pretty handy to know which station has one available. Since until now those MRT vending machines are just glorified displays, and they often ran out of SVT cards. Btw, why don't they put those vending machines in malls or other public places. This would GREATLY shorten the line and fasten the queue during rush hours.

3. DTI suggested retail prices for commodities. This would be awesome! Tulong sa mga maybahay.

4. Pampers availability. Simply because E.Q. sucks. Everytime we tried E.Q. due to pampers unavailability on our suki grocery stores, Our youngest, Janro, would overflow the diaper overnight, and worse it doesn't stay dry. Imagine the implications.

5. Lotto winning numbers: just in case tumaya ako.

6. For G-Cash and Smart Money: Available cash-in/cash-out points per area. Should help a bit in accelarating adoption.

7. Philippine Points of Interest (POI) feed. User submitted, containing lat and long data. Per area, per category etc. I even have a name -> PinoyPOI (TM) hehehe

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