Monday, January 23, 2006

Glass Off, Glass On

For the past few months I had been moaning about bitter sweet headaches and occasional nasuea particularly in the afternoons after work or whenever I spend an insane amount of time staring at the computer (which, more often than not happens on a daily basis).

So last friday we decided its time for me to seek help with a nearby refraction man (TM). We found a good shop at SM North, Acebedo Optical which offers some nice discounts at the moment. Consultation is at P200.00 and free if you buy a lens or a frame afterwards.

Anyway, after a few questions regarding what was my line of work, I was made to wear a clunky eye contraption (no digital gizmo available?) and asked to read a seemingly random alphabet from a canvass a few feet away from me. Right eye was tested first. I could still read the 7th row quite clearly but when it came to 8th row the letters appeared to be fuzzy tho still readable. The refraction man popped in a grade 50 lens on the contraption and lo behold the 8th row looked sharp and crystal clear! He explained that my dominant right eye must have been overworked and might the culprit of the bitter sweet headaches. We tested the left eye next and settled in for a grade 25 lens. He also recommended I get a non glare type of lens since I tend towork in from of a computer most of the time.

Next we were ushered to a display rack to try which frame would match my not-so-boy-next-door looks, long tarnished when the first acne left a scar on my pristine face. The ones with a rim make me look like an Einstein fanatic ready to shout E=mc2 at the push of a button. My lovey suggested I should go for the rimless design. I then choose the titanium kind, which was really light and comfortableb to wear. Total cost after discount: P5000.00 for both lens and frame. Ouch!

Conclusion: The past three days had been headache free. My eyes doesn't feel as tired like before, even after prolonged computer use. I should have done this sooner. Nevermind the pocketache inflicted afterwards.

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