Monday, November 07, 2005

Potent Little Soldiers

Whilst waiting for my lovey', I scanned the contents of the cosmo? magazine and found this interesting fact:

"The average count of those little soldiers that a male releases after taking a ride on the wild elmo, is good enough to impregnate all the women in the US, twice!".

Ok. No mention of the wild elmo there. It was described pretty much straightforward. Got that wild elmo thing on nat friedman's post regarding Teen Sex and the Linux Desktop. It was in response to Mathew Szulik, Red Hat chief executive article saying that the Desktop Linux is like teenage sex. He said "The desktop (probably the linux one) has become a lot like teenage sex: a lot of people are talking about it but not many people are doing it."

IMHO, Opensource desktop especially GNOME is a lot like casual sex. Not as wild, as intimate and mind blowing as OS X. Not as worse, or as crappy like a Windows experience either. Good enough for regular use, and plenty of areas to experiment/improve with. Probably mixing the two here (desktop and sex), but you get the drift.

Going back to the potent little soldiers. Just like em', opensource desktop is potent enough to be on most desktops. Unfortunately, success rate is not yet that high. What we need is more power, less weight, every woman's dream.

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jorge said...

i'd have switched to linux if it wasn't so damn intimidating. that, and if my games and apps run on 'em. :(

lol on the wild elmo thing. weird, but lol anymay ;)