Monday, November 07, 2005

LBS: Web 2.0

In relation to my previous post on pareng migs (feeling close) blog about Google Map API and LBS. Wouldn't it be super slick if social networking services are enhanced with LBS? Voluntary perhaps, something the user can REALLY turn off/on or restricted to his first degree friends? Emphasis on REALLY turn off/on unlike mobile spam.

How about instant messaging. Add a plugin to the Google desktop sidebar to display the location on google map whoever you are currently chatting with. Can be whacked on Jabber. Although the current Philippine layers are restricted to 20k feet?. It would still be fun to map out where everybody is on the archipelago, or any other place around the world for that matter.

LBS can be text based too! Imagine finding out the nearest cash-in/cash-out for your Smart Money or G-Cash within your location. Make any willing soul to advertise himself as a mobile cash-in/cash-out agent by turning on his LBS. Should make adoption a bit faster. Hmmmnn. I have blogged about this feature before. How about the nearest Botika (Medicine Store). Even the nearest manong who can deliver the tastiest isaw. By this time you should know how isaw goes so well even with the cheapest red wine. The possibilities are endless, lots and lots of ideas to titilate the wet corners of the mind.

Yes, privacy issues and a ton of other things. But you can release early, release often. Follow the opensource model. More people scrutinizing the model, more chances of securing.

LBS is going to be the next big wave. Time to take your surf board out. Let Filipino's take the lead on this one.

Pinoy, ikaw ay pinoy!
Ipakita sa mundo.
Kung ano ang kaya mo...
-Orange and Lemons (Pinoy Ako, Big Brother theme song)