Monday, November 07, 2005

Google Maps API in Java - Migs Paraz - Random Takes

slick! pasted my comments below:

cool migs!

it would be great if one can store his/here whereabouts privately/publicly whenever the urge strikes. sort of like checking where have i been for the past few days, weeks, months and maybe years!!! or bundled with mobile blogging you can store your location together with your blog post. imagine adding this to something like onlife (

hopefully LBS of telcos can be opened to soonish to 3rd party developers ;)


iandexter said...

LBS? Not in the near future, sad to say. We've been forging a deal with a carrier, and they're still holding the cards near their chest, so to speak. They're very reluctant to disclose this unless we can give them clear numbers (you know the game). ;)

nox said...

hayyy... and we all know we should be equally reluctant to share our ideas with them.