Wednesday, June 23, 2004

havent REALLY blogged in a while... most of my recent blog entries were bookmarks to stuff i want to remember reading or for reference purposes later on...

neath the humming of this machine, there are strange moments i feel emotionally drained... could it be the effect of injecting a ton of tech stuff to my brain? or the excitement and anxiety of anticipating a new member of my family? pressure? stress?

funny thing is i always this nagging voice inside my brain telling me not to hold back and just write what i really wanted to write. there's plenty to write about everyday life and i have to admire other bloggers who have the guts to honestly let all their thoughts out. i seem to have built in filter infused with paranoia and a pint of inferiority complex thats making me constantly sanitize what i am about to blog...

the good side is everytime a go home, my daughter would hug and kiss me and say "miss kita dad"... those are moments that makes me go on, to work harder, to dream and have faith that God Almighty will guide me.

as always, cheers!

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