Thursday, November 11, 2004

my constant reminder at work...

We do what we can
We give what we have
Our doubt is our passion
And our passion is our task
The rest is the madness of art
- Henry James

at home... having two kids is not easy... and nowadays spending quality time with them is priority # 1... everyday am amazed of thier developments... my eldest, 3 years old could already control the mouse better than *other* grownups... she could play all those barney games on the net via barney online... she could type simple english words and her name using the keyboard... at the same time perfectly say "barney, anong petsa na???" when my dialup connection is having a bad hair day... the youngest a few months old can now follow you with his eyes, smile, and starts to blurt out baby sounds every now and then... am extremely curious how a child develops speech recognition, and at this stage am guessing his trying to experiment with what sounds he could make, later on will try to emulate the sounds that he hears...

elsewhere, a new video rental shop opened nearby our house and for the past few weekends i had been catching up on the movies that i have missed (watching a movie at a movie house is a luxury nowadays)... at 15 pesos per movie and 40 pesos for three movies its a steal... the quality is light years away from those "beeseedee" and "deebeedee" boys... watched "the last samurai" (japanese people are an epitome of efficiency and dedication, from the moment they wake up, they pusrue perfection on whatever endeavor strikes their fancy), "taking lives" (mildly hot jolie), "cold mountain" (jude youre a lucky dude!), "kill bill 1 and 2" (uberly cool hantaro sword) , "gothika" (suspense), "paycheck" (a sneak peak into teh future of consultants)... also had a chance to rent peque gallaga's greatest movie ;) "scorpio nights" (raw erotica delivered in artful cinematic sequences)... and last but not the least "mystic river" (sean pean made me cry, such performance! probably the best movie i have seen so far, made me hug my daughter at the end of the movie and hope and pray that never happens to her)...

that's it, and i still think the eraserheads were poetic... shake yer head!

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