Thursday, July 14, 2005

choices, choices, choices...

the good news is that finally there's a solution to my stuck lcd problem. it is now possible to get a refund for my dell 600m.

now am torn between returning it, since i got a really good deal for it (hand carried from the us, so it was way cheaper than its current local price).

for $1,200, what would be a good laptop deal locally? one that i would not miss the 1400x1050 lcd, 512mb, 1.6 centrino, 64mb of dedicated video ram, ATI radeon for video, 5lb's travel weight specs of the dell. thats the dilemma, for that amount can i buy a brand new one here with almost the same specs as the dell?

maybe i should just stick with the dell, its just annoying that for that hard earned money, you expect some level of build quality. and it doesn't help that the stuck pixel is right in the middle of the screen.

its hard to let go of the current dell gear, due to several economic reasons, since there's no clear alternative yet. but should i just let it be that way, should convenience be my main priority? or should i do more research and ask around for a better alternative?

*sigh* i think my last paragraph is in some ways related to the current political landscape.

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