Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Darn! hit the first snag. My GL811USB based external Hard Disk enclosure could not be detected by Tiger. Something Linux, FreeBSD and Windows could happily detect and use with relative ease, out of the box. Formatting the drive to HSF or FAT32 doesn't help a bit.


chris said...

my external usb hard drive can be detected by ibook but i can't seem to save any file from ibook to the external hard drive. i can read but not write. hmm... any ideas?

palba@mac.com said...

I have an external drive enclosure GL811USB too, and I have the same problem too. I Can read but I cannot write in USB2.0, in USB1.1 works well. I've tried the same HD with 2 differents USB2.0 box(DIFFERENT CHIPS) and the same MAC G5 Tiger port and it works great! ANY IDEA GUYS?
PAUL from Italy