Thursday, September 15, 2005

Yesterday, day two at linuxworld PH.

- Met with Melvin Vivas Java Developer/Photographer extraordinaire and Ian Dexter of PhilRICE LTSP'ed ubuntu workstation fame.
- Attended mysql replication sessions. Postgresql also have this even prior to 8.x but it was a non-free solution. Should check if the current 8.x version has replication built-in.
- Had a chat with emacs loving Zak and Claire. Nah, still Vi for me. hehehe.
- Had fun at the microsoft booth. Tried my best not to look too pleased with the scenario. Hopefully get some pictures up by today.
- Also attended the linux audio sessions. Trommler was slick! And it seems audacity could really cut it. Althought you need some background on sound engineering to take full advantage of its features. Nevertheless, it proves that linux could rock!
- Went home a bit inspired to try out music editing on GarageBand. Unfortunately I couldn't understand how to input even a basic drum loop on Garageband. The input is asking for musical notes. Bummer...

More non-sense linux world news later.


Anonymous said...

PostgrSQL has had replication since 7.4 via both fre and non-free offerings, and can even replicate back to 7.3 systems.

Don't expect PostgreSQL to have built in replication anytime soon, if ever. The PostgreSQL developers think that dumbing down replication by including a theoretical one-size-fits all replication solution is bad practice. Instead they prefer to keep replication systems outside of the core code, so they can be developed independantly of the core server, and also to provide more options to users who might have differing replication needs. One bonus of this is that some solutions allow cross version replication, something very handy for doing upgrades.

Unknown said...


Thanks for the heads up. This is what I love about the internet.

Again many thanks!