Monday, November 21, 2005

found the recent discussion on pinoyjug regarding code/application performance rather amusing.

somebody was foolishly pitting his flawed arguments against a bunch of battle hardened veterans. looking on it on another perspective, some developers would probably take a lifetime to finally "get it". these are the types who doesn't understand you can go to from point A to point E without going thru point B,C, and D. in short clearly lacking instincts. worse this typical stereotype would defend to death that you need to go thru B,C, and D to in order to go from A to E.

for example, why waste your time which looping construct is faster (while(true) || for(;;))? isn't it common sense that you should be looking more at what is executed inside those loops?

simple, readable and elegant code is the key to creating "tune-able code". focus first on making the code work correctly and predictably. then do your benchmarking. premature optimization is the root of all evil.

me? nahhh, am no guru. but man, i've got instincts.

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