Friday, December 09, 2005

LBS again...

Wouldn't it be nice if we could have an RSS feed of all points of interests (POI) in the Philippines (with location information). This can be arranged via categories.

Next step is to find a decent vector map that can be overlayed perhaps on top of Google map.

The RSS feed can be voluntary and for free. Meaning establishments could register their location and maybe a bunch of other metadata.

- Name
- Category (Pre-defined? Restaurant, Motel etc)
- Website!
- Contact Person
- Contact Numbers

This would fit nicely into the scheme of things since POI's aren't mobile. Maybe we could place shotcode stickers there or a code of some sort where you can send the code via sms to indicate where you are. That way your social network could be notified of your location. This eliminates the need to triangulate your location or require the user to have a GPS device of some sort.

This would enable you to perhaps ask a bartender at a new bar what their Location Code is and send it via SMS indicating you want to send the an MMS map to all your friends on the way to there. Maybe business cards would perhaps include your Location Code so that your associates can know the locatino of your office. Nice isn't it? The Location Code can just be a simple concatination of your latitude and lontitude to make it easy to decode.

This could immensely change the way you search things on the internet. Radius can be included as a search parameter.

Or maybe hire somebody with a GPS reciever to go to POI's and record their metadata.

Now to find somebody to fund this idea.

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chocolate said...

i remember from some podcast that this is how NAVTEQ did it. (NAVTEQ is the one that provides the map data for google, yahoo and others.) They spent hundreds of millions of dollars (250, if i remember correctly) to pay people to drive around the US in cars with GPS units.

Maybe someone could convince the people to release their maps to public domain? .