Thursday, January 19, 2006

Globe 3G

Globe 3G
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Yesterday, was at the two towers and saw Globe's 3G demo booth at the bridge connecting the two buildings. With two lovely models inviting passerbys to try the 3G service, I coerced my companion to try the demo.

We tried a few streaming services, a handfull from ABS-CBN and while its not as good as an offline video (like the one played via TCPMP) in terms of picture quality, its still fairly viewable. Wonder how this compares with MobiTV?

Next we tried the video conf feature, was able to see the person on the other end (just a few feet away), a bit pixelated, although recognizable. If the bandwidth speed claimed is higher than dsl, maybe its the hardware at fault? Or maybe the choice of video streaming format for mobile devices?

Next we browsed a laptop assumed to be using the 3G service and it seems to be DSL'ish enough. I wasn't able to do a hands-on test on the lappy due to the person currently using it seems pre-occupied with his webmail.

According to the booth attendant, no definite launch date yet, but certainly it will be on 2006. No idea yet on pricing or packages that will be offered.

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Edwin "ka edong" said...


I heard that Globe was doing their share of demos to. I might go to Ayala just to try out the demo this weekend. Mukhang mas-malaman yung demo ng Globe with that laptop and streaming services. Yung nasubukan kong 3G demo Smart, just a video call.

exciting, isn't it? ano nang apps ang naisip mong i-develop for 3G, nocs?

ka edong