Monday, March 06, 2006

u*blog again

After a few days of using it to post to both wordpress and blogger, I can definitely say this freeware Palm application rocks!

While blogging via email would suffice, there is one thing it can't do at the moment: edit previously posted blog entries. A dedicated blogging client like u*blog allows you to edit your previous blog postings. I also like the fact that it has a handy icon that let's you connect/disconnect your GPRS connection inside the application. The interface is amazingly very simple to use and allows you to define handy tag shortcuts.

The only minor gripe is the setup process. It would be nice for it to include sensible defaults for popular blogging engines. The u*blog website provides a pretty straightforward reference at the moment. It would also be nice to include basic help instructions inside the app to guide new users.

All in all, once you set it up, its pretty stable and you would be happily blogging while mobile with your network enabled palm device. And of course, did I forgot to tell you its FREE?


(MRT, on my way home)

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ka edong said...

'ba! da nox is moblogging! gib me mo, gib me mo! ;-)