Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lean and mean.

Aside from aiming to lose a few baby fats, I also started trimming the things I bring daily. Am stationing my out of warranty iBook at home for the moment and converted one of the machines at work as my workstation. Was pleasantly surprised how polished the default GNOME environment is on ubuntu. I still hasn't tried making the dual core work on the Pentium D workstation, cat /proc/cpuinfo only shows one processor. More on this later. I would miss the iBook, but since its out of warranty and we don't have a budget for an upgrade, it would be safer it stays home.

For now, am limiting my gear to my trusted Treo and its gullible infra-red keyboard. Might bring my kid's PSP from time to time since it has wi-fi and the built in web browser is quite usable. Besides am enjoying PQ, quite addicting 3D puzzle game. Other than that, I might also take a stab at street photography and do a photo-a-day sort of thing.

This would also force me to setup system to seamlessly pass/share data around my home and work computer. For now, there is no denying how useful the aging CVS is. I haven't tried Sub-version, since work is piled up and that would mean configuration changes and finding out if Eclipse supports it.

It was weird traveling light on my way to the office this morning. Using the regular keyboard brings nostalgic feelings, likewise using a regular mouse as opposed to a laptop's touch pad.


Unknown said...

Hmm... Are you using an -smp kernel? I sometimes neglect that when installing Linux on SMP boxes. Hehe. ;)

Unknown said...

Re: SVN support in Eclipse. None (ATM, hopefully), natively. You need a plugin: The Java devs here don't use Eclipse (que horror!), though, so I wouldn't have to worry when we migrate to Subversion later on.

Unknown said...

Found the solution by installing linux-generic kernel which was compiled with dual core support. Synaptic really rockin' these days.

Yeah, saw that plugin, might just wait for the native one tho.