Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Still Life

Still Life
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The typical workstation scenario. Tools of the trade. Music, light, mountain dew, water, tissue, alcohol, a cup of coffee/tea, keyboard and mouse, and last but not the least, my trusty sidekick/pda.

Its been a week now since I leave the lappy at home. I still miss it. Desktop GNOME, while vastly improved is still no match for the tight integration of apps on OS X. But its close. But this would do, as the iBook is out of warranty and no money to upgrade yet.

On the other hand, the dual core office workstation rocks! My apps compiles twice as fast! Makes me yearn for a core 2 duo macbook or better yet, a macbook pro! Dream on...

worker nox
-- because a clean desk is a sign of sick mind...

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