Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wifi beggar no more.

Yes, finally got my own DSL connection since monday.

So am now connected to the world again. So many things to blog. Life goes on pretty fast.

I also finally was able to open my own bank account. And was fascinated with the way they have automated ATMS for accepting cheque deposits here. All you have to do is follow the touchscreen enabled ATM instructions which are pretty much straightforward. The shiny part is when it comes to inserting your cheque to a slot in the machine. Not only will the machine accept your cheque, it will do optical character recognition (OCR) on the cheque and give you a printout of the image of your cheque together with the receipt. The OCR will read your cheque number and issuing bank. Pretty shiny!

I cannot blog about the new workplace. But am learning a lot on the non-technical side of working with a multi-national team as well as learning a new problem domain.

Back to the DSL connection, I miss my netgear wireless router back home. Will scout the computer stores here and buy one if its not too expensive. For the meantime the tethered setup is just fine. I dragged the table from the living room to the bedroom and loving the view outside the window.

Still, I miss my family so much. :(

Hope they can come over soon.

homesick nox
-No more weird looks when I camp out half a day with a laptop sa gilid ng starbucks ordering the cheapest drink...


Ambo said...

Can the ATM do handwriting recognition (Microsoft) or special handwriting recognition (PalmOS) and tell you the check amount, in addition to doing OCR on the check number and issuing bank?

Unknown said...

Hi Ambo,

Nope. Just the check number and issuing bank. I still have to key in the amount manually.