Sunday, July 01, 2007


Transformers == Nostalgia

I feel nostalgic today.

Lots of things I miss. Some things cannot, and should NOT be forgotten. My ROOTS.

nostalgic nox
- staring on my window pane


jun of zerogravity said...

ay nauhan mo pala akong mag-post ng transformers.

anyway, ayan, hige, mangisay ka sa buryong jan. hehe. sabi ko naman kasi sayo nakakabagot ang mamuhay sa abroad e.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Nostalgic about the past. Yeah the world is changing so fast. Stepping into the past is like visiting a foreign country, i've been told...

PS: Love ur photo shots of the children :)

Adrian Quah

nox said...

@pareng jun

hehehe. wala eh. its time to be global filipino.


thanks for dropping by. i haven't done any photography lately. i miss the sound of the shutter too.