Thursday, April 02, 2009

Diets and dogs

Our dog
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Surprised to know there is a free book for dieting... Named as The Hacker's Diet aimed primarily at geeks perhaps.

Overweight and a bulging beer belly (ironically I rarely drink beer or alcohol for that matter), its those odd moments in time when you want to write something about it. In the futile hope to keep that motivation to get fit even for just a while.

Alright, probably just an excuse to blog some nonsense and just let the fingers do the typing.

Anyway, just watched Marley and Me with the lovey and kids. Even our dog was probably touched by the story. The sad reality of life. More sad is the fact that we do have a dog, and I could just imagine the pain it would cost us, especially my daughter when its life span would near its end.

Some great lessons there. Give the dog your love, and it will love you till the end. Nothing fancy, just love, pure love. Something thats becoming rarer nowadays.

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