Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Law enforcement agencies deny raids on local Internet shops - hmmmnn... Confusing... Wonder who is responsible for spreading FUD among PC users? With most shops closing and switching to linux, the online gaming companies are probably scratching their heads due to lost sales.

On the bright side:

NOW! is the time for opensource to spring into action! This would also mean more kids being exposed to FOSS. Which is probably better than them getting rather too addicted to online games. A typical opensource *Linux/*BSD is probably good enough for "typical" desktop use.

"Gusto mo ba? Gusto mo ba? Sumama!" - eraserheads


jun said...

I'll install ubuntu on our desktop. dinadownload pa lang. di pa man, joybz had been asking me if she'll be able to use chikka sa linux =)

kako naman shemps, via java applet.

worry ko itong elmo, he won't be able to play chessmaster sa linux. waaaa.

di ka na namin ni-greet ni joybz ng hapi bertdey sa friensdter, pocha, january ka pa huling nag-log doon e.

nox said...

hmmmnn... not sure but i think there is a gnome-linux chess game included in ubuntu.

ey, thanks for the greeting. warm regards kkay joybz at saiyong dalawang supling.