Friday, March 17, 2006


Nice to see up and running again!

Anyway, am probably keeping the pinoy techscene mirror I had setup at for personal purposes. Mainly, for the RSS feed (and yes, even OPML for those who dig that stuff) generated by planetplanet backend. The resulting aggregated RSS content nicely matches my preffered method of keeping up with content that I'm interested in, via space shifting the content: from the web to a mobile device like the treo. With this setup, downtimes like the the train ride home becomes productive. Makes the boring commute fun, and gives you an excuse not give up your seat since you are busy reading. The last part was a joke. I still tend to be a gentleman every now and then.

Back to planets and rss feeds. It would be nice to have an online service that let's you group your feeds, give it decent names and produces the aggregated feed for you. That way you could group your feeds the way you like them, and it would be easier to manage and work nicely with your space shifting needs.

With this kind of service you can now throw in context analysis to get what's hot on your planet like rss groups. Mashup with tagging deliciousness etc. That would be cool. To have another simple way of managing rss feeds and to be able to get a pulse on each group you choose.

(enjoying an afternoon train ride home, with Jimi Hendrix's guitar silently weeping in the background)


iandexter said...

I think Migs (hehe, first-name basis din kami!) is working on the meme aggregation part already. I'm quite excited with it, too. :)

(Er, is that what you have in mind? :D)

nox said...

am thinking of a multi-user rss aggregator. where each user could group his rss feeds. and the resulting group have its own rss feed.