Friday, May 15, 2009

HP Mini and Nasi Kandar

Saturday morning with a mini and maggi goreng.

Surprisingly wifi is available as auto detected by the mini. For the first time am blogging in this indoor Nasi Kandar.

Anyway, its been a while since we have the mini, my daughter uses it regularly at home for school homework and general surfing. It seems to hold up to the task. Was keen on trying it outside and see how long the battery holds up and see how suitable it is for occasional blogging and surfing un-tethered.

Performance is not that bad. The only bummer is the glass covered screen. While it makes pictures pop indoors, it reminds you how impractical it is to use under direct sunlight. Even using it under the shade makes it hard to read things due to the screen reflection.

Planning to test it also for mild Java happy coding sessions. Installed trial version of Idea and Glassfish Prelude v3 and see if the atom processor bundled with 2GB RAM is up to these tasks.

Aside from these, you got to love the keyboard. Its a joy to use. Not too cramped as the other netbook these days. Pretty much comfortable to touch type.

Oh, we also remove the thin plastic film covering the webcam. Now the video sessions with Skype doesn't look too dark and crappy. Bluetooth works without a hitch with our Nokia phones. Audio is better than expected. The weird trackpad takes a bit getting used to, but since am not a mouse person, am not that bothered.

On the Nasi Kandar side of things, the daging goreng is not so good as it once was. New cook perhaps? The one we got today is a bit hard to chew. Hmmnnn... Maybe time to try out other menus.

Note to self, teach the kids to touch type. An invaluable skill when using glass covered screens. :)

Live long and prosper, as Dr. Spock would say. The new Star Trek movie rocks!

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