Friday, May 15, 2009

N95 and Garmin Mobile XT

On a quick note, N95 + Garmin Mobile XT loaded with Malaysia and Singapore maps really rocks! Even better than the bundled GPS on our Persona. All searches by default is based on your location. For example searching for a Shell station, you would see it searching within 5km, 10km, 20km... radius. That said it makes a two year old phone an extremely practical all in one mobile device.

When will Google maps make its data available offline? An off-line version would make LBS dreamers/developers extremely happy.

Malaysia is more travel-able with a GPS device. Makes you more confident to drive to places you had never been to. We went to Blue Lagoon in Port Dickson without getting lost. If you are a foreigner in Malaysia, a GPS device is one of those must have gadgets to enjoy travelling the country. Like the Philippines, lots of tourist spots to visits. Its ironic actually that we haven't explored home as much as we have here in Malaysia.

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