Sunday, February 26, 2006


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Currently attending an NGO Day workshop in Ortigas. This is seeing the other side of the coin. Its nice to see what current MS projects are there for the Filipino community as part of their CSR program.

On another note, I learned a new term in this workshop: Social Entrepreneur. This closely resembles my idea on what I want to be. The idea of helping people, and at the same time earn a little in the process. Win-win situations, finding sustainable business models where both sides would benefit.

I want to be a Social Technopreneur!


ka edong said...

me too!
me three!

junlisondra said...

aru! =) talaga ha? have u heard about the network of NGO open source chuvas? would be a big help to them. ako naman na full time NGO worker, parang gusto ko nang magcommercial para yumaman. kainis. hindi, gusto ko lang rumaket ng may pambili ng nikon d50. =D