Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Writing On Air: Jim Paredes is migrating to australia and would return to fight another day. Sad, but he really had very valid reasons there. Not to mention we are all given freedom to make our own decisions.

The topic of leaving the Philippines is very timely tho. Not a week would go by that me and my lovey would also discuss going abroad to work and eventually migrate to another country. To finally stop living in a world of ideals and get a grip on reality.

What's next? Is there really no hope? We continue to ponder...

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Don Vito said...

Let's not lose hope in our country. Yes, you may say it's easy for me because I work abroad. Well, what I'm saying is let's stay positive! I also read Jim's blog and he probably just wants a fresh start. And believe me, kahit sandali pa lang ako dito. Mas masaya pa din sa Pinas!