Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Revision 2

Feeling inspired, I decided to resurrect the website. It has been dormant for almost a year now after we replaced both hdisk and OS on the colo server. The database has gone with the Dodos along with the erratic hdisk.

Last time we had a community driven bulletin board format. It has an ambitious goal of being a one stop shop on the net for everything Bicol. It was quite ok, with around a hundred registered users with half of them active, but didn't gather enough steam as I hoped it would be. We failed in reaching out/tapping the academe,NGO, and other communities. It was a bit technology centric, as most of the main contributors were developers. It was a good learning experience tho, so it wasn't a wasted effort.

So now we try a different approach, less ambitious goals, broader in scope, but the same noble idea: empowering the bicolano community!

If youre a bicolano, do visit, post an article, or leave a comment, get involved! Payt sana!

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junlisondra said...

oist interesting ito a, ma network kami dun, BIGLEAD: Bicol Grasroot Leaders for Empowerment and Development, group into ng grassroot peoples org saka mga local NGOs and LGUs; yung isa sa mga councilor ng DARAGA, number one yata, si Ms. Len Magayanes, member nito. ano plans niyo dito?